Natalie Cecconi

Hi there! I’m Natalie, a busy mother of two who also happens to love to run. I fell in love with running when I was a kid. I had a paper route that I would run and I would take the time to run around my neighborhood. I’m sure my neighbors loved me.

When I got older, I joined the cross country team in high school and ran in college. I’ve had to take a break from running during my pregnancies, but I’m back and I’m loving every minute of it! It’s such a great way to get in shape and relieve stress.

Today I love running for its health benefits, but also for the sense of freedom and peace that comes when you’re out on a run. I run because it requires me to be present in that moment and to appreciate life in a way that I don’t when I’m not running.

I hope that this blog will inspire you to run more, more often, and that it will help you love running as much as I do. My goal is that you’ll feel confident in your abilities, excited about the sport, and ready to run a race soon!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Natalie Cecconi