Best Compression Tights and Pants for Men in 2021

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Are you looking for the best compression tights or pants? There are tons of amazing options on the market right now. And while it’s important to find what you like, you also want to make sure you get great value for money.

That is where this short guide comes into play. We went through a lot of the best compression tights and pants on the market right now and compiled our findings into this article. Without further ado, we look forward to helping you make a better buying decision.

CW-X Men's Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Sports TightsBest OverallCW-X Men's Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Sports Tights
TSLA 1Budget PickTSLA 1
CEP Men’s Recovery+ Pro TightsUpgrade PickCEP Men’s Recovery+ Pro Tights

1. CW-X Men's Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Sports Tights

Our rating: 9 / 10

CW-X Men's Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Sports Tights

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  • Great for running and any sport
  • Breathable and thermal
  • High support and good stability
  • Doesn’t ride up when you’re running
  • High-quality materials and seams
  • The achilles tendon protector is very useful
  • The very generous sizing
  • Made in the USA


  • The bright colors are a bit loud
  • The waistband is a bit big, so it may come off your waist
  • The sizing runs large, so choose your size carefully

CW-X is a fantastic brand that specializes in compression gear. The CW-X Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Sports Tights are made for extreme comfort and high-quality performance. They are ideal for anyone who is into running, cycling, golfing, or any other sport.

Made of high-quality materials, solid seams, and premium craftsmanship, the CW-X Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Sports Tights are great for your everyday wear and athletic performance. The seams have flatlock stitching for maximum comfort and a perfect fit. Each seam is reinforced by a high-quality tape that prevents pinching and irritation. And each seam is taped internally.

2. 2XU Men's MCS Run Compression Tights

Our rating: 8 / 10

2XU Men's MCS Run Compression Tights

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  • Anti-chafe design
  • In popular designs
  • Versatile use and great for recovery
  • Can be worn under pants or shorts
  • One size fits most
  • Positive reviews

Compression tights and pants are an incredible product that is gaining in popularity. If you are stepping up your training or just want to maximize your performance, this is a product you will love. When you wrap your calves and thighs, you greatly reduce recovery time and improve your performance. You will find that you are able to train harder, longer, and it will improve the efficiency of your muscles.

Compression tights and pants are ideal for workouts like spinning, cross-training, and running. Whether you are a 3.5-hour distance racer or you just want to improve your sprinting time, compression shorts and pants will help you show off your gains and speed when you race.

3. TSLA 1

Our rating: 8 / 10


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4. Zensah Recovery Tight

Our rating: 8 / 10

Zensah Recovery Tight

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  • Available in sizes Small to XXXXXXL
  • A comprehensive list of benefits
  • Sleek minimalist design; no bright colors
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • You can wash them up to 30 degrees

Did you even know that compression clothing existed before we talked about it? Well, it does, and if you live active lifestyle, as we do, and are exposed to whatever kind of weather you are, sometimes the clothes you're wearing, especially in the inner thighs and the calves, can be sweaty and uncomfortable. And this is when it's time for compression pants or tights to take over the action!

The Zensah Recovery Tight are made from a mixture of polyester and spandex. They provide good compression and support for your legs. They offer a full range of motion and are designed with 2 different layers on the lower exterior.

The inner layer consists of soft breathable micro-mesh that sits against your skin. This is to allow for the ventilation and moisture-wicking capabilities. The outershell fabric is a double layer of spandex. It includes flat-lock seams that are designed to prevent chafing and friction.

5. CW-X Mens Expert 2.0 Insulator Joint Support Compression Tight

Our rating: 8 / 10

CW-X Mens Expert 2.0 Insulator Joint Support Compression Tight

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  • Breathable
  • Relieves pain caused by muscle strains and injuries
  • Moisture management
  • Thin enough to fit under tights and pants comfortably
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Ligament support
  • Extra-soft material


  • Small sizes are very slim-fitting
  • Not the best for hot weather

Our top pick is the CW-X Mens Expert 2.0 Insulator Joint Support Compression Tight made by CW-X. This compression tight will keep your muscles warm and restore full range of motion to joints when you are recovering from injury or soreness.

It’s also great at helping to regulate body temperature. Whether you’re just lounging around or out doing intense physical activity, these tights will help to keep your muscles from getting tired and sore.

CW-X's compression tight is made from a very soft material, which is mostly responsible for its comfort. They have a microfiber design that is very flexible. In addition, the triple-stitched seams help to ensure they stay intact.

6. CEP Men’s Recovery+ Pro Tights

Our rating: 7 / 10

CEP Men’s Recovery+ Pro Tights

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  • Customized compression that is great for running or triathlons
  • Very comfortable
  • Top-quality material
  • Quick wicking


  • They’re not cheap
  • You’ll look like a space ranger! (For some, this may not be a negative!)

The CEP Men’s Recovery+ Pro Tights are compression tights designed for both recovery and performance, and they work well for both. They feature a pre-shaped anatomic construction with a flat, smooth seam construction that will keep everything where it’s supposed to be. The anti-odor technology is great for keeping those nasty odors at bay…no one wants to smell a bad odor while running!

The CEP Men’s Recovery+ Pro Tights are a favorite among runners, with several reviews raving about how well the material is put together. One review in particular stated that the material is smooth, strong, and comfort throughout. Runners also seemed to enjoy how well they wick away sweat and moisture.

7. 2XU Men's Core Compression 3/4 Tights

Our rating: 7 / 10

2XU Men's Core Compression 3/4 Tights

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2XU compression tights, pants, and shorts incorporate revolutionary compression that provides several benefits. It helps to improve blood circulation, leg muscle performance, and supports connective tissue.

This material will also help to keep your muscles warm and relieve post-exercise soreness.

We suggest getting them in a size that is a little bit bigger for a roomy fit. They’re also a bit high in the waist for some and have no hook and loop area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which compression tights are best?

Compression wear, whether it’s sportswear, G-strings, or take-me-now-panties, are designed to provide support, prevent injury, and increase blood flow during training and racing. Compression wear takes the legs from feeling wimpy to like steel.

So, why wear compression wear over normal underwear? Firstly, the added compression does help to speed up the recovery process after a tough workout. Secondly, it helps to fight against fatigue, cramping. And, thirdly, by increasing blood flow, your legs will look pumped!

In general, compression wear works by compressing the muscles and increasing blood flow. As a consequence, your legs will be working harder, and your body will feel more energized. Compression wear is comfortable to wear and definitely allows you to make the most out of your run or training.

Do compression tights help knees?

Compression tights are ideal for exercise in cold temperatures because they provide insulation and help retain body heat.

Compression gear will improve your blood circulation. This is the reason why it is advertised for long-distance runners, as well other athletes, because it allows oxygenated blood to reach your muscles faster.

Improved circulation also encourages better cell-lubrication, which is a tremendously important aspect for your joints, such as your knees!

Some studies have also provided results that show compression gear increases the production of the oxygen-carrying component of blood known as hemoglobin. This is certainly beneficial for your lungs, but is just as valuable for the increase in hemoglobin it also provides to your injured knees after a hard workout.

The continuous pressure from activewear and compression gear on the legs has been shown to have a direct positive effect on decreasing swelling as well as calming down the pain of painful knees.

What is the difference between running tights and compression tights?

Running tights and compression tights both play a role in running gear. While going for a run may seem an easy task, you should not underplay the importance of wearing running clothes. Running tights do not differ much from compression tights but they still are preferable to the other.

Running tights are more like what you’d normally wear as running pants. For instance, they are longer and come with wider legs. These are commonly worn during cold weather. Compression tights, on the other hand, are tighter and are made of thinner material. They are commonly worn during the hot seasons or when one is training.

Should I wear compression tights when running?

Wearing compression tights while exercising is now increasingly common practice. Compression tights have a number of benefits, including improving your circulation, better oxygenation of your muscles and improved blood flow. In other words, when you wear compression tights you have faster muscle recovery times after a workout and can perform better during your exercise session.

However, compression pants are not for everyone because they can be expensive and if you're not used to wearing them, they can feel somewhat uncomfortable because they do tend to limit your range of motion especially if they fit too tightly. That said if you feel that wearing compression pants will improve your athletic performance during your training sessions and they fit and feel good on the legs, it may be worth giving them a try.

In general, if you are a person with the following problems, you may want to consider wearing compression tights.


Once finding nice compressions pant, you might as well pick up some compression socks while you're at it. Not only do they make for a nice set, but just a little below the knee, you'll have a pair that is perfect for basketball, cycling, running, and more. Put this two in that order and you'll get a pair that is good in summer or winter, and one that is all-around awesome for the gym, the field, and everywhere else.

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CW-X Men's Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Sports TightsBest OverallCW-X Men's Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Sports Tights
TSLA 1Budget PickTSLA 1
CEP Men’s Recovery+ Pro TightsUpgrade PickCEP Men’s Recovery+ Pro Tights