Best High Jump and Long Jump Spikes for Track

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If you are an athlete who participates in jumping events like high jump, long jump, triple jump, and triple jump, you know that there is no such thing as having too many spikes and shoes. You can never be too prepared for a competition, so you always want to have a few pairs in the closet in case you have to get on the track quickly. You also don’t want to be too eager when swapping out the spikes in your shoes. You don’t want to risk running the plastic track spikes into your shoe leather.

So how do you make sure you always have a new pair and always swap them out the right way? Check out the list below.

Saucony Men's Uplift HJ2 Track ShoeBest OverallSaucony Men's Uplift HJ2 Track Shoe
ASICS Men's Long Jump Pro Track ShoeBudget PickASICS Men's Long Jump Pro Track Shoe
Saucony Men's Soarin' J2 Track ShoeUpgrade PickSaucony Men's Soarin' J2 Track Shoe

1. Saucony Men's Uplift HJ2 Track Shoe

Our rating: 9 / 10

Saucony Men's Uplift HJ2 Track Shoe

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  • Nice, clean lines
  • Well-made with great materials
  • Great value for the money
  • Free sole binding is a nice touch
  • Wide and stiff platform
  • Runs true to size
  • Reasonable weight for sprint spikes in this price range
  • Great support
  • Can be used for both training and competition


  • Fit is on the narrow side
  • Not a lot of arch support
  • Laces are quite long; it can be tiring to tie them
  • Not suitable for steeplechase spikes; track spikes weren’t made for steeplechase
  • The spikes can be a bit difficult to get in and out

Our top pick for track spikes right now is the Saucony Men's Uplift HJ2 Track Shoe, predominantly because it provides a nice balance between performance and price. It has a lightweight polyurethane midsole that provides decent stability and good force absorption. The unique sole design will help you take those big steps you need to cover that 100-meter straightaway.

2. ASICS Men's Long Jump Pro Track Shoe

Our rating: 8 / 10

ASICS Men's Long Jump Pro Track Shoe

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  • Increased traction for both sprinting and jumping
  • Excellent grip when wet
  • Firm arch support
  • No break in time required
  • Fulfills the role of both sprinter and long jumper
  • Fully adjustable traction pad


  • No way to adjust the width of the shoe
  • Missing the air pump

The Asics Men’s Long Jump Pro Track Shoe is undoubtedly the best long jump spike in the market today. It’s not just popular among jumpers, but also among sprinters and hurdlers.

The quality of the shoes are really good. The shoe provides a decent balance between stability and flexibility. The long jump spikes are made from synthetic materials and rubber to give you a comfortable experience.

The spike comes with an adjustable traction pad which helps to prevent injuries. The traction pad has an increased friction area that will help you get steady when you step. Inside the shoe, there’s an inbuilt arch that will provide support and balance to the wearer.

3. Saucony Men's Soarin' J2 Track Shoe

Our rating: 7 / 10

Saucony Men's Soarin' J2 Track Shoe

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  • Great upper fit
  • Sensational rebound
  • Excellent overall traction
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with the sprint spike system
  • The perfect amount of shock absorption

Track spikes are typically not meant for everyday wear and tear. However, the Saucony Men’s Soarin’ J2 Track Shoes is an exception. They’re versatile enough to be worn on and off the track.

The shock absorption is phenomenal and give a lot of support especially after a long run. The midsole cushioning is one of the tops in the market due to the DuPont’s PowerShield.

The best thing about these spikes is the traction which is excellent. For this it uses the SensoryBond’ technology. This unique traction technology enhances the grip by up to 30%.

4. adidas Adizero Lj White/Red/Black Track Shoes

Our rating: 5 / 10

adidas Adizero Lj White/Red/Black Track Shoes

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  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for high jump, long jump, and sprints
  • Excellent traction

These all-purpose spikes track shoes from Adidas are a good choice for beginners and sprinters. They weigh in at a super light 7.6 ounces. Which makes them great for even the fastest of runners.

These shoes have a smooth high-jump spike configuration featuring a long horizontal blade made from fine materials like steel and carbon fiber for added stiffness and toe rails to improve stability.

The shoes have a PivotFlex design which increases flexibility in traction. Making them ideal for high and long jumps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What spikes are best for long jump?

One of the most asked questions for long jump is what are the best spikes for long jump? There are several aspects to be taken into account when answering this question. First, we need to know the type of planted runway.

If the runway is made from clay, the best type of sand spikes would be the Hakka AS since these have a rigid spike which allows more downward force.

These are the best spikes for a clay planted runway based on their pointed, conically-shaped tension foot with a high spike. The Hakka 34 has a rounded pressure foot with a low spike.

If you have a wood planted runway you are good with the Hakka 34. Its nosebar is longer and it gives a great spring off the mat. The Hakka AS is not recommened for wood planted lane due to its rigid spike. To increase the spring off the mat the AS is made for clay.

Can you use long jump spikes for high jump?

The long jump and high jump are two separate disciplines. However, what is the high jump and what is the long jump is now a day is not quite clear because in practice the two are quite distinct. When many of us are growing up, there is a single piece of equipment which is called as a high jump, long jump or broad jump, consists of four layers of thick plastic and this is the one which is used, you see long jumper and high jumper. But actually, in terms of length you have got a clear separation, long jump is of jump over 33 feet like 40 feet long jump, basically 40.2 meters, 32 feet is a long jump, usually the high jump about 26 feet or 7.92 meters. Therefore, there is a clear separation between the long jump, high jump and broad jump which are all called by different names. However, in the practical sense, the long jumps suit for both high jump and the broad jump.

What brand makes the best track spikes?

Do high jump spikes make a difference?

With its increasing popularity, this question becomes more and more relevant to track and field jumpers. Today, professional spikes are made from materials such as ethyl vinyl acetate, polyurethane, PVC, rubber, and cork.

Some materials are better than others, which is why it is important to be familiar with your preferred track and field shoe. It comes down to personal preference. Commonly, the terms “plastic” or “rubber” are used when referring to modern spikes.

For beginners or novices, they can be a little clumsy and difficult to adapt to. However, with the right understanding, they can be an outstanding asset to the user.

The best methods to increase your performance should focus on:

  • Foot placement
  • Foot strike
  • Stride length
  • Speed


Track and field is not just limited to the sprinters, and it includes long distance runs. You need to have the right shoes in order to win or place a good position to even get a scholarship, but you also need to make sure that you have a good pair of spikes that can keep up with the muscle power coming through those explosive jumps. We will recommend the best spikes for long jump and high jump.

Our Recommendation

Saucony Men's Uplift HJ2 Track ShoeBest OverallSaucony Men's Uplift HJ2 Track Shoe
ASICS Men's Long Jump Pro Track ShoeBudget PickASICS Men's Long Jump Pro Track Shoe
Saucony Men's Soarin' J2 Track ShoeUpgrade PickSaucony Men's Soarin' J2 Track Shoe