Best Running Belts in 2022

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Running belts are one of the most popular trends that came from the fitness industry in recent years. These belts have been around a lot longer than that, though. They’ve been used by runners and hikers for many years now.

You often see these running belts being utilized in TV shows and movies.

If you don’t know what running belts are, they are simply a belt that can be utilized to hold your smartphone or other things like a GPS watch or key. It’s nice because you don’t have to carry them in your hands while running. Rather, you can put them in your running belt and you will be ensured that you don’t lose anything along the way.

We put together this review of the best running belts of the year so that you know which product to go for when you are out shopping for one.

SPIbelt Endurance Running BeltBest OverallSPIbelt Endurance Running Belt
Amphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus BeltBudget PickAmphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus Belt
Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration BeltUpgrade PickNathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt

1. SPIbelt Endurance Running Belt

Our rating: 9 / 10

SPIbelt Endurance Running Belt

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  • Holds cell phones in place
  • Snug, yet comfortable fit
  • Excellent for running
  • Large enough to hold more than just energy gels
  • Great for races and other outdoor activities


  • Running belts can be too bulky for some runners
  • The belt doesn’t have a gap in the middle to place two phones side-by-side

Spibelt is a belt that is designed to carry various essential items such as car and house keys, credit cards, cash and energy gels for races and outdoor workout sessions.

But they’ve also released a newer version of the belt, which is a lot wider and can also fit cell phones.

2. Amphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus Belt

Our rating: 9 / 10

Amphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus Belt

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The Amphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus Belts use a Lithium-Ion battery that offers up to 10 hours of light use. This helps give you added security while traveling and running at night.

It has a built-in USB cord that can be used with a computer or cell phone for recharging while at home or for use on the go. It has dual integrated LED lights that provide a 150 lumen output.

The microtechnology increases the batteries capacity by 20%. The lightweight and streamlined design make the belt comfortable to use during long runs and hiking.

3. SPIbelt Running Belt

Our rating: 8 / 10

SPIbelt Running Belt

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  • Quality stitching and zipping
  • Fits a 6-inch water bottle or smartphone
  • Zippered pocket can hold your keys, etc.
  • The belt is comfortable and has a soft interior
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable

And Keys, Black, XL.

The SPIbelt is one of the most popular running belts on the market right now, and for good reason too. This belt features two zipped pockets and a hidden pocket, allowing you to store items and gels safely and securely during a run.

The belt, as you may have already guessed, has two pockets. The main pocket is great for storing your phone, keys, cash, credit cards and so on. Like we said, this pocket is zippered. So, whatever you store in this pocket should remain safely secured.

4. CamelBak Flash Belt 17oz

Our rating: 8 / 10

CamelBak Flash Belt 17oz

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  • Holds lots of water/beer
  • Has several pockets for storage
  • Come with a phone holder
  • Hydration bladder is easy to clean

CamelBak is a well-known brand in the hydration industry. The Flash Belt is a very popular hydration belt that checks all the boxes and is our top pick this year. With 17oz capacity, it’s big enough to store a two-liter bottle of water.

It also has plenty of pockets and a phone holder for added convenience. The belt clips around your waist and can be easily adjusted depending on your body. There’s an adjustable sternum strap and top load system. There’s also a reflective strip for added safety.

This belt fits perfectly around your waist, so it won’t bounce around. And the weight is distributed evenly around your hips, and it doesn’t feel like a burden on your body when you wear it.

5. BANDI Large Pocket Belt Holds Phone

Our rating: 8 / 10

BANDI Large Pocket Belt Holds Phone

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  • Includes 3 secure pockets suitable for holding a phone, keys, ID cards, and water bottle
  • Available in your choice of 3 colors: black, grey, and blue
  • Soft cord ensures that the bands do not dig into your skin
  • Perfect for running and hiking
  • The expandable pouch enables you to carry a water bottle
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee


  • Only available in 2 sizes – medium 4-6 and large 6-8
  • The loops that secure the middle expandable pocket are quite thin and may come apart with regular use
  • Uncomfortable to wear while sitting
  • It’s not as slim as some other running belts

Material, Securely Constricts, Pockets, Breathable Material.

Our top pick is the BANDI Large Pocket Belt. It’s made out of high-quality breathable neoprene material. It also includes 3 secure pockets suitable for holding a phone, keys, ID cards, and water bottle.

This belt has a soft and secure elastic material that allows you to carry your essentials without sacrificing comfort. It’s also super lightweight (less than half an ounce).

6. FlipBelt – USA Original Patent

Our rating: 8 / 10

FlipBelt - USA Original Patent

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  • Made out of lightweight, sweat-wicking, and breathable material
  • It covers the waist and the upper thighs
  • You can wear it on top of or underneath another outfit
  • You get to choose between 4 colors
  • The belt is easy to use and doesn’t bounce around
  • Clever design doesn’t pinch or constrict
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Customers raving about the customer service
  • Belts have a limited life span but there’s a very generous warranty program
  • One size is suitable for everyone irrespective of waist size


  • The belts need to be washed quite often
  • There’s an inside pocket but it’s not useful

The FlipBelt is an innovative product that combines style and functionality. The waist belt is sold in a variety of sizes including small, medium, and large.

This handy belt is secure, comfortable, and minimalistic. It is made of polyester, spandex, and nylon, with four sizes to choose from.

They have three pockets in total, two of which are hidden inside the belt portion, and one on the wearer’s upper back.

7. Nathan Zipster Belt

Our rating: 8 / 10

Nathan Zipster Belt

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  • The sturdiness and durability of the material is very nice
  • The belt can carry whatever you need
  • Easy to clean – wipe or rinse with a little soap and water
  • It is very lightweight – you almost forget that you have it on


  • Be aware that the belt can be severely scuffed by rough edges
  • The materials may discolor in areas if exposed to sweat
  • It is quite loose on your waist

The Nathan Zipster belt is a great option for runners. It is large enough to accommodate many items for long-distance runners. It also comes in a thinner waistband for those who seek less bulk. It is suitable for running, cycling, hiking, and has a number of uses.

An added feature is the strong and durable elastic rubber that is long lasting and will not tear. It will also not lose its shape.

The belt is completely breathable which prevents chaffing and soreness. This is a common problem for large runners who have backpacks. When the weight isn’t evenly distributed, the belt can be a little uncomfortable and lead to an overall itchiness. The Nathan Zipster alleviates this by eliminating the sweating that causes the sores.

8. Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt

Our rating: 8 / 10

Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt

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  • Easy to wash
  • Tightens easily
  • Easily adjustable
  • Stays dry inside


  • Not easy to clean outside
  • Needs products to be organized to make it useful
  • Not long enough for tall people

The Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt is a running belt that comes with a 3 liter expandable storage pocket and a full hook-on chafe-free belt with scent control technology.

As the name suggests, it’s perfect for long trail runs, which is why it has large compartments and a pocket for your phone. However, it can also be used for shorter runs. Some users have also used it for cycling, hiking, skiing and triathlon.

The chafe-free belt is designed to effectively slide to adjust and hold the belt at the right spot. It has a large writing area to customize the belt with your name, number or a funny message.

9. Reflective Running Belt SPIbelt

Our rating: 4 / 10

Reflective Running Belt SPIbelt

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Looking for a reflective running belt that will carry your smartphone or other small valuables? The SPIbelt is a great option that’s made of a high-quality and breathable material to provide more comfort and stability. It’s also water and sweat resistant, has a completely secure pocket, and can be worn during any sport or activity – especially running. Plus, it comes with its own key loop and internal zipper pocket if you need more storage.

The SPIbelt’s patented Flex-Tight strap helps to evenly distribute the weight from your waist to hips. The belt is adjustable and can be tightened or loosened to fit anyone of any size. In addition, there are two loops one on either end of the belt to make it easier to attach the SPIbelt to your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which running belt is the best?

As you might have gathered from that extensive review, you’re looking at the options that are currently available to you.

Some things to bear in mind before you choose the best running belt:

Will it fit and stay in place? If you run, you’ve most certainly had the experience of being unsure if you have your MP3 player or fitness tracker in place. And how annoying is it when it’s loose? You’re just getting into a rhythm, then lose all that momentum and concentration. With the best running belt however, this is a thing of the past. It goes without saying that the best running belt needs to be comfortable enough so you can find your natural rhythm.

It also needs to stay in place. The last thing you need is to worry about it suddenly jumping off and flying across the street!

What are running belts for?

Running belt is the most essential accessory for runners. It is an ideal choice for every runner whether your activity level is high or low.

Some people may wonder why by using a running belt instead of holding a cell or a smartphone in one hand. It is because running belt is easier than holding the cell phone while running. And it is safer than carrying the phone on a bib.

It is lightweight, made with quality material so that you can wear it longer and it can safely hold your cell phone.

Some people also use a running belt for carrying a small bottle of water or sports nutrition. Depending on your purpose, your belt will be the best option to select.

Do I need a running belt?

Yes! A running belt is much more than a just a place to put your keys when you go running.

Firstly, a running belt gives you somewhere safe to hold your mobile phone or smartphone. If you plan on keeping up your pace for the run, you’ll need to keep your phone for checking the map of the route you’re running or listening to your favorite music. A running belt give both of these options, which is perfect for any long distance runner.

Additionally, there really is something to be said for not having anything in your hand. You’ll be able to run without worrying about where you’re keys, phone or wallet are and it will make the run feel much more relaxed. Just strap it on and forget about it.

Where do you wear a running belt?

Running belts are part of a running kit that are used to hold a variety of small items of personal use such as phones, keys, money, essential medication etc. while running. The belt is placed around the waist just under the clothes or tucked under the clothes. Most running belts have zipped compartments that ensure things are kept safe securely.

Most running belts have waistbands and some even have pockets of varying sizes for different items. The belt is generally made of elastic material to ensure it doesn’t budge or slip while running.


Running belts are worn by runners to carry their identification, money, and credit cards. If you feel you need a belt with extra storage, here is a summary of the best running belts in 2022 in to help you choose the right one.

Our Recommendation

SPIbelt Endurance Running BeltBest OverallSPIbelt Endurance Running Belt
Amphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus BeltBudget PickAmphipod Air Flow MicroStretch Plus Belt
Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration BeltUpgrade PickNathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt