The Best Running Shirts and Tanks for Women in 2022

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If you are looking for the best running shirts for women, then congratulations on the commitment! Not many people find their way to this particular page. If you are a woman who is concerned about sports bras then you are in the right place.

We want to help you choose the best running shirts, and that too without hurting your bank.

The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind when looking for the best running shirts is to pick a shirt that is comfortable. As the name suggests, comfort is the biggest factor to look out for.

Running shirts or tanks are different from sports bras. You would want to feel relaxed, light, and comfortable when running. If you pick a shirt that is too tight, then it is going to be uncomfortable. To get exactly what you need, we have handpicked the best running shirts for 2019 for you.

ASICS Women's Reflective Crop TopBest OverallASICS Women's Reflective Crop Top
Salomon Agile Ls Tee W Exercise & Fitness TopsBudget PickSalomon Agile Ls Tee W Exercise & Fitness Tops

1. ASICS Women's Reflective Crop Top

Our rating: 9 / 10

ASICS Women's Reflective Crop Top

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  • Made of breathable and sweat-wicking Polyester material
  • Reflective details on the front and back improve visibility
  • The lightweight material doesn’t hamper your performance
  • Sleek and comes in 5 color options
  • Includes a matching capri-length pair of tights
  • Available sizes range from S–XXL
  • Asics is a brand you can trust

Seniors and runners often opt for longer tops and pants for safety reasons. However, there comes a time in your life when shapewear masks no longer work well and this clothing is no longer useful. Thankfully, this long shirt/shorts by ASICS are a great alternative.

This reflects the streetlights to keep you visible and safe at all hours of the day. It also comes equipped with reflective colors to increase visibility. The lightweight material is designed from sweat-wicking fabric to promote air flow and keep you dry, cool, and comfortable at all times.

The crop-top is streamlined and the tank-top style works perfectly for layering. The lightweight material makes it both comfortable and breathable, and the high-quality material means this top is extremely soft and durable.

2. Nike Women's Dri-Fit Cool Breeze Strappy Running Tank Top

Our rating: 7 / 10

Nike Women's Dri-Fit Cool Breeze Strappy Running Tank Top

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The Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Cool Breeze Strappy Tank Top is a great running tank for women. It’s lightweight and very breathable, with a wide range of motion that will make a huge difference for your activities.

It has been built from 100% Dri-Fit fabric and is machine washable. It’s also super quick drying and moisture wicking.

There’s a keyhole design with adjustable cinch that means the tank will fit you like a glove. There’s also reflective details so you don’t become a target for traffic.

3. Salomon Agile Ls Tee W Exercise & Fitness Tops

Our rating: 6 / 10

Salomon Agile Ls Tee W Exercise & Fitness Tops

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  • Made from moisture-wicking, quick drying material
  • Generous size ensures a long and comfortable wear
  • High quality fabric looks great
  • Great for serious runners, as well as casual users.
  • Smooth stitching prevents chafing

Salomon Women’s Agile Ls Tee is designed to suit your needs. It is made from a blend of top quality cotton and nylon materials. The shirt is extremely light weight 0.99 Ounces. It assists in moisture absorption; it dries quickly and stays warm. The material is quick drying and moisture wicking as well. This material is ideal for long distance running because it will help keep you cool and dry.

The shirt comes in a variety of colors and you also get a wide range of sizes to choose from. The Agile Ls tee W is also designed with women in mind; it is cut longer than a man’s top.

Salomon’s Agile Ls Tee shirt is a great product for runners. It is extremely lightweight and it wicks moisture quickly. The shirt looks great and performs as well as it looks. You will enjoy running in the Salomon Agile Ls Tee.

4. Brooks Women's Stealth T-Shirt

Our rating: 5 / 10

Brooks Women's Stealth T-Shirt

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  • Comfortable
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Stretchy
  • Worn by runners across the country
  • Functional design features
  • Lightweight

Brooks Women's Stealth T-Shirt is a great running shirt for both men and women.

This is perfect for wearing under your sports coat because it is breathable and it wicks moisture away to keep you cool. It is very stretchy so it moves with you when you run and won't impede your movement.

The back and side panels are designed with fabric that is thin and breathable so they won't make you feel too hot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should women wear when running?

As far as the next step in workout clothing is concerned, most people nowadays prefer to either go in for running shorts as well as running tops or full-length running pants and tops. And while there are numerous reasons that can be quoted to justify going in for full-length pants running tops, they are undoubtedly the best.

But why is that exactly? There are a couple of points that are worth taking into account.

The first and most important thing to note in this regard is the fact that running tops simply offer better ventilation that running shorts. And the same goes from one level of intensity to the other, whether you are running on a treadmill or on actual streets.

Hence, there is no doubt that you will not only be comfortable while you run but you will also feel fully secure.

What is the best shirt for running?

You want to pick fitted tank tops for run that are neither too loose nor too tight. Work up a bit of a sweat, then take a look in the mirror. If you feel your top is sticking to you or well, see-through, you’re better off buying a larger size.

Make sure you feel comfortable and free to move. You want sleeves that aren’t too long or too small. A good test is to grip the end of your tank top… can you take it with one or two fingers? If so, you may want to upgrade to a larger size.

Shorts or tights are also a personal preference. You may be like me and prefer to run in shorts much of the year. However, in my colder climate, I don’t see the appeal of shorts. I prefer comfortable, long pants.

Should running shirts be loose or tight?

There is no hard-and-fast rule about the right size running tank for you. It depends on your preference. Whatever works best and you feel most comfortable in is what you should be aiming for.

Basically, running shirts for women come in two different types: tight and loose. The question is which one is better. Here are some things you need to think about.

Loose shirts can drape better than tight ones. If you are wearing loose shirts, you will look comfortable and confident in your outfit. They also lead to a very streamlined appearance if you wear the right size.

What are the best running pants for women?

Running gear and its wide range of products can get overwhelming for many women especially because credit card bills are already a little bit of a remorse anyway. Women have a tendency to spend too much on some of these things, so here's a great quick checklist on what you may want (or not want) to ask yourself:

Keep it simple: Generally, you should keep your choices as minimal as possible so you can maintain a sense of style that is both supportive and comfortable. The more simple and low-key you keep your choices, the better a sense of security you have that you will pick the best, confidence-boosting gear that guarantees your safety in the run.


So, you’ve decided to take up running. It’s one of the best exercises out there for weight loss, cardiovascular health, and overall health.

Running gives you a chance to be by yourself for a while, and gives you the ability to plan out your day. But before you can go out on the street, you’re going to have to take the leap of faith and buy your running apparel.

Running apparel is definitely a necessity for your running needs. Especially in this muggy weather.

Most importantly, you need to ensure that whatever you wear provides you with comfort, reduces any friction or irritation, and helps keep you dry.

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ASICS Women's Reflective Crop TopBest OverallASICS Women's Reflective Crop Top
Salomon Agile Ls Tee W Exercise & Fitness TopsBudget PickSalomon Agile Ls Tee W Exercise & Fitness Tops