Five Ways to Carry Water While Running

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Considerations in Choosing How to Carry Hydration

How do you choose the best way of running hydration on a run?

There are several ways of carrying water for your long runs and races. You can use water belts, hand held bottles or running bottles, waist canteens and hydration packs.

If you are a beginner, you may not know which is the best way for you. If you are well-experienced, you may still want to change it up a bit or change the way you carry hydration on long runs. Check out these five ways to carry water while running.

A water belt is the most comfortable way of running hydration, especially in hot weather. It's easy to take the bottle out and put it in. Plus, water belts are readily available in almost all sports stores.

However, water belts carry less water than the other options, so you have to refill them more often and may get caught with your pants down during a long run.

The risk of sloshing is decreased, but you can bounce all over the place when you run wearing a water belt. They’re not as comfortable as hand held bottles or running bottles.

Hand Held Bottles

Hand Held Bottles are great for shorter distances. This way of running hydration is ideal for longer runs because you don’t need to stop to refill.

How to Carry Water While Running

Water is the most important ingredient for running, particularly hot and sunny days.

Without enough water, you will feel dehydrated and that will impair both your performance and your attitude towards running. It even increases muscle fatigue when you are working out.

Depending on the weather and your preference, you can carry water in different ways while running. Here are five of the most common ways of carrying water while running, so you can choose the ideal option for you.

Handheld Bottles

There are three main types of water bottles that you can use for your run: handheld bottles, waist bottles, and handheld tanks. The type you choose depends on your preference and the activity you are doing.

Handheld Bottles

If you are taking smaller sips and not planning on running for