Nike Vs adidas – Which Brand Is Right For You?

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Broad Comparison

The question of Nike versus adidas is an old one, but it’s not going away anytime soon. Their products are pretty different. adidas is a family-owned operation that has focused on tennis, football (soccer), cricket, and lately basketball. adidas makes products in all of these sports – clothes, shoes, and equipment – but the tennis business is by far the biggest. Nike, on the other hand, is a publicly-traded company (NKE) that makes products more generally athletic – clothes, shoes, and equipment – and that’s about it.

You might think that this would mean Nike is bigger than adidas, but for a long time they were about the same size, and now Nike is just a little bit bigger.

However, Nike is much bigger in the United States than adidas is. If you ask people what they think of for athletic gear, their first thoughts are probably about Nike. adidas has done a lot lately to change that perception, but that’s something special to Nike and the United States.

Shoe Construction

Nike shoes are designed to make motion easier. The shape of the upper is designed to give you more flexibility. The use of different materials also affects how the shoe performs.

Open breathable materials such as mesh are great at keeping your feet cool and the higher tech materials such as Flywire are great at giving you more support and protection.

Adidas shoes are generally designed for function rather than style. The are closer fitting and have a unique fit so that each size of shoe is proportioned to fit the different types of feet.

The choice of materials is also functional, not only from a style point of view but also if you are looking for different levels of grip. They achieve this by using different rubber compounds that give varying levels of grip in different weather conditions.


Sole material and construction is key with both brands. With Nike the Zoom Air units are a big talking point; they are described as lightweight and responsive with air pockets that allow for better cushioning. Two common materials used for soles are synthetic and rubber. The first of these is a lot less heavy than the latter and is a common material used by Nike. The second is a much better insulator and is favored by Adidad.


Nike shoes are made of leather or synthetic materials while adidas ones are usually made of synthetic or leather materials.

The difference between synthetic and leather upper is pretty clear from the point of view of your feet. Synthetic upper shoes will provide more air circulation and lightweight comfort, while leather material will provide good durability and comfort for running.

Though it’s claimed that the lightweight adidas shoes can offer more traction and durability than the Nike ones, I believe that it’s not as important as the comfort and air circulation (especially in summer time). Therefore I personally prefer a Nike running shoe.


Both Nike and adidas have a long history in the supply of high quality sports gear for all types of athletic activities. From the first days of functioning, both companies knew they needed to create a passion for sports and fitness in order to succeed.

Both companies understood that a well-performing product was enough to take them only so far. What was truly needed was­ for the product to be available to the public.


Both Nike and adidas shoes are well-known for their athletic shoes. They have been in this business for decades, and it’s due to their expertise in athletic shoes. The true athletes’ brand, Nike and adidas products are highly durable, have a long life and great looks. They are well-known for their high-quality products and innovation.

From the moment you lace them up, you know you have made the right choice. Their products are comfortable and breathable.

Although the design looks simple, it’s functional. In athletic shoes, they are the industry leaders. Performance is their priority, and their products reflect it.

However, the major difference between Nike and adidas lies in their emphasis on in-house manufacturing.

Nike’s in-house manufacturing started in 1983 when the company acquired the Monarch rubber and plastics Corp. They later acquired Cole Haan in 1988 and Converse in 2003. They are now able to produce most of their shoes’ outsole, which is their main focus.

In a recent interview, Mark Parker, CEO of Nike mentioned that the second item they buy when they buy shoes is outsoles. Adidas is doing a lot better in their outsole ecosystem than Nike.

But ironically, if you buy Nike shoes, you will find three stripes on the bottom.

Other Considerations

How much you care about the brand will determine which brand you should choose. While Nike is the traditionally the better known brand, adidas is catching up fast. If your brand preference is important to you and you don’t want to compromise, then you should stick to Nike. It’s a well established brand with quality products, great service, and all the marketing power you could want.

If your mindset is less extreme and you are just interested in buying a quality pair of running shoes, both Nike and adidas are good options. Both offer a range of products including shoes, apparel, and accessories. Both companies also provide a good return policy and customer service.


Both Nike and adidas are known for putting out quality sportswear. However, it’s a safe bet to say that adidas is the more durable brand of the two. According to many athletic experts, the overall quality is much higher – particularly when it comes to the stitching.

Both Nike and adidas are known for putting out quality sportswear. However, it’s a safe bet to say that adidas is the more durable brand of the two.

According to many athletic experts, the overall quality is much higher – particularly when it comes to the stitching.


The main difference between the two brands comes down to cushioning … and how their respective technologies affect your feet.

Cushioning in the Nike shoes will provide better impact protection than you get with a pair of adidas shoes, partly due to the unique material used in Nike shoes. In contrast, the adidas shoes provide better flexibility and are more lightweight compared to a pair of Nikes.

Whether you prefer a firmer or softer shoe is up to you, but due to the fact that Nike shoes tend to be a bit heavier than adidas shoes, the cushioning that Nike shoes provide is an advantage for those that are very active sports.

The Nike and adidas selection of shoes differ in their materials, shapes and design, and you should try on a number of different types to find out which one fits your foot and which one you like.

Overall Fit and Comfort

Overall fit and comfort between Nike and adidas shoes is generally similar.

Both Nike and adidas shoes are designed to be snug in the toes and heel. This is to lock your foot in place and stabilize your feet. This makes running more efficient because your energy can be focused directly to the foot strike instead of your potentially unstable feet.

Although both shoe brands are know for their tight fitting, they differ in their construction. Nike shoes can be broken down broadly into two types – mesh and air. The mesh construction will allow for more breathability and flexibility at the cost of added warmth. Air construction sports an air chamber which will provide a stable feel but will limit breathability.

Adidas shoes, on the other hand, are mostly made of synthetic material and are less flexible than their Nike counterparts. Having said that, adidas are better known for their skill in constructing a more stable shoe. Correspondingly, Nike has more choices for a neutral sensation.

In general, if you prefer a more snug, airy and breathable shoe, Nike is the better choice. However, if you need a more stable but less breathable option, adidas is the better option.



Choosing the right brand or type of running shoe should be a comfortable experience, as both Nike and AdiDass make very comfortable, quality shoes.

If you are running short on time, you may have noticed how the two biggest manufacturers of running shoes get compared in commercials and in print quite often. You may, or may not believe that new sneakers will give you as much of a boost in performance and comfort as they say. Nike and adidas each make a variety of different shoes, and each shoe comes in different styles and fit for all kinds of different activities.

Best Selling Nike Running Shoes

  • Nike Air VaporMax: More than a sneaker, the Air Max VaporMax is the boldest design out of the bunch. Its new one-piece upper allows for optimal breathability and gives the shoe a smooth, seamless look with a nod to the Air Max lineage.
  • Nike Presto Fly: The most popular iteration of the Presto, the Fly features a knitted upper and Flywire cables for a snug, comfortable fit.
  • Nike Free RN Distance: The Free RN Distance features a dynamic fit and the signature space-dyed colorway that’s become synonymous with the shoe line. With a Zero-Gravity core and minimalistic design, these shoes are built to move.
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34: The Pegasus 34 is the most recent update to the Pegasus line, with a dense, highly-cushioned midsole and a new, narrower heel construction.
  • Nike Air Max 270: A revamped version of the Air Max Plus, the 270 features a new version of Nike’s iconic Air bubble and a zip-tie system for snug lacing. It’s rated as one of the best-selling running shoes of 2017.

Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Vs. Galaxy

If your profession or passion is to run the daily half-marathon, then the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is what you should get.

This shoe is the refined version of the previous model.

It is hoped to be all-in-one shoe to help you achieve the best performance in any conditions.

The Pegasus 37 improves upon previous versions by adding Zoom Air heel and forefoot cushioning technologies while losing 5 ounces without sacrificing durability.

With a midfoot shank and segmented crash pad guidance, the Pegasus 37 provides you optimal ankle support.

This high-end lightweight trainer is a product of the collaboration between SABR and the Hokkaido University.

You can already see the difference between the two in the appearance.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 will fit the inner midfoot snugly to give you the feeling of running on clouds. It is one of the best trainer shoes that money can buy.

In contrast, the Adidas Galaxy is targeted towards beginners and casual runners. It’s the “do everything” long distance running shoe.

Therefore, the Galaxy is more laid back looking in appearance and feel. It mimics the PUMA Evospeed in its use of TECHFIT upper.

Air Zoom Vomero 14

React Infinity Run Flyknit

One of the hottest sneakers of the year is the Adidas React running shoe. But if you are a fan of this brand, then chances are that you know this isn’t their first running shoe that’s gotten everyone talking.

The most popular previous model is the Adidas Pure Boost.

But when the React shoe first hit the shelves, people were blown away by the shoe’s exceptional comfort. And for the first time, long-distance runners found a sneaker that could really make their miles fly by without any discomfort.

One big question I hear is “How is the React better than the Pure Boost?”

Fortunately, the comparison between Pure Boost vs React is an easy one. When you look at the two shoes … well, the best word for it is “night and day.”

So, what’s the big difference and why does it matter to you?

I’ve done a lot of research on the Pure Boost and React. And now I’m going to walk you through the comparison in this article.

If you are really interested in this topic, feel free to continue reading.

Best Selling adidas Running Shoes

“Precision gives you confidence, and confidence gives you strength.” “Precision gives you confidence, and confidence gives you strength.”

Build precision into your workout routine with Nike’s cutting-edge gear. From leggings to tights you’ll be able to make every movement count in every area of your body.

Rock the fresh styles of today’s top runners with a pair of Nike shoes. Whether moving in the lightest Lunar Flyknit Low or pounding the pavement in a high-top Zoom Fly FK running shoe, you’ll be quick on your feet.

Nike running shoes are a favorite for many conventional runners. They are designed to give support while also absorbing the impact of impact with every step. The Phylite midsole of the Nike shoes also allows for cushioning while being lightweight.

Different styles of Nike shoes allow runners to do so much more than meet the standards of conventional running. They can also help runners train for longer races and more rigorous training runs and organize their workouts.

From the sleek sportiness of a Nike Lunar Racer, designed to encourage every type of run or play, to a lightweight shoe designed for maximum comfort, you’ll be ready for any challenge.

Ultra Boost 20

Although Nike and Adidas are both well known sportswear manufacturers, their shoes tend to have very different looks and are created for very different purposes.

The two most popular sports shoes from Nike are the Air Max series and the Air Force series. Nike shoes are primarily created to allow athletes to run and play sports with a high level of comfort, control and protection. On the other hand, Adidas shoes are not only lightweight and flexible, but they’re also equipped with the latest technology and bold designs. Adidas shoes are the most popular in the fashion community and tend to be more versatile.

The Adidas Ultra Boost series is one of the most popular lines on the market now because they combine lightweight comfort, eye catching designs, and can be paired with a wide variety of outfits and styles.

The newest Adidas shoes are: Ultra Boost and Ultra Boost Uncaged. Below I have compared the new Ultra Boost 20 to the equally popular Ultra Boost Uncaged.

Let’s take a closer look at the newer shoe, the Ultra Boost 20.

Solar Glide 3

For the past 20 years, I have been an avid runner. I love running because it can be done with no special equipment, it is a great way to exercise the entire body, and it is free. The Air!Jordan Retro 6 Shoes is the ultimate choice for exercise.

But you have to decide what you really want because of the nike air-max Torch an incredibel running sneaker that functions as well as it looks. With the Air Jordan Retro 6's, you get a shoe that is comfortable, durable and offers a good deal of support.

What do you want to do with said shoe? If you are training for the Olympics, then you will need a shoe that is specialized for that activity. If you are like me and just want a basic shoe that can run the average 2 miles, then you can opt for the Nike Solar Glide 3. There's also the Nike Free 5.0+ that offers more comfort than a standard running shoe.

Make sure you think carefully about your answer, because the right shoe will increase your enjoyment of the sport and decrease the likelihood of injury. If you are a casual runner like me, I would suggest you go with the Nike Solar Glide 3.

The Nike Solar Glide 3's are some of the best sneakers available. I have logged over 500 miles on mine. The shoe is so comfortable, that I even wear mine to work as casual wear.

Adizero Adios 5

Looking to revamp your training look or make a statement this summer? Look no further than this lightweight running shoe from adidas. The Adizero Adios 5 is available in two colors: Core Black/Running White/Pink Blast and Core Black/Running White/Blue Blast.

This versatile and stylish shoe features a breathable mesh upper that keeps the foot nice and cool, while the Continental rubber outsole provides a secure grip on all surfaces.” There are various colors available for the

Adizero Adios 5, such as multiple shades of gray and an all white/red color scheme that will match a pair of running shorts perfectly.