Running Outfitters

Running Tights: What to Wear Under Them

When shopping for running tights, you will find that some come with built-in underwear. Should you buy these? Here’s what you need to know about running tights and underwear.

Fitbit Vs Garmin: Which Brand Is Right For You?

Purchase a FitBit or Garmin and not sure how to start? Take a look at the similarities and differences of these two popular brands, and which one might be best for your health and fitness goals.

Can Training Shoes Be Used for Running?

After all, running shoes can’t be as comfortable as regular training shoes, right? We break down the differences and discuss the benefits of using a pair of running shoes for both activities.

What Is A Good Half-Marathon Time for Beginners?

Your 12-week beginner half-marathon training plan includes three workouts, plus a total of eight distance runs as well as an optional cross training workout. Here’s a handy chart of goal half marathon times for beginners, based on your current fitness level.