Running Tights: What to Wear Under Them

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Commando vs Underwear

What is the best way to wear running tights ?

This is a controversy that has raged for years, and there is no consensus between those who prefer commando and those who prefer to wear underwear under tight-fitting exercise pants.

Some runners advocate commando running, which means not wearing anything under the tights, citing coolness as the motive.

The problem is that some of these tight pants don’t have much give and you might find it a bit too tight to be comfortable. For example, you might feel like your underwear is being tugged at as you run.

On the other side of the fence, you have some women who wear underwear under their running tights. They would argue that they don’t feel comfortable commando running because they find it too drafty and that they find it just right to wear their underwear under their tight pants. Theirs is also the best way to go if you’re afraid of giving anyone a show.

So make sure you check out the fit of tight pants before you purchase them. If they look like they’re going to be too tight, avoid commando running just so you’re not caught off guard.

Tips for Men

If you are riding your bike as a form of exercise, or even racing, staying warm is important. For this reason, many cyclists prefer the feel of compression tights and high-tech fabrics.

Some work well in cool or mild weather, while others are useful when the weather turns a little nippier. For an optimal cycling experience, wear the right undergarments, such as a pair of thermal tights or shorts. And you should also reap the benefits of high-tech fabrics.

Another tip is to always wear a sports or compression undershirt when you ride. It will add to the wicking properties of most compression tights and keep your midsection at a steady temperature. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your undershirt is made of quality and non-restrictive materials.

Tips for Women

What to wear under running tights?

Running tights are thin, tight apparel designed to be worn under other clothing while you exercise. They act as a second layer of clothing that wicks away sweat while the outer layer retains the heat and sweat. The most common running tights are made of spandex nylon or Lycra. Running tights are very popular with competitive runners and athletes.

Wearing running tights is very comfortable and helps you keep a comfortable body temperature, even when you’re exercising in cold weather. Many runners also prefer them over pants or jeans since tights take an even shorter amount of time to get on and off.

Running tights are available in either a tight fit or a loose fit. A tight fit is better if you want to wear them while exercising or working out in public and a loose fit is better if you just want to wear them casually.

Runners who prefer loose fit obviously have more choices but tight fit running tights are also widely available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Some women prefer to combine loose fit running tights with tight fit running tops for a more flattering appearance.

After a quick overview of the positives and negatives of wearing running tights, we’ll take a closer look at some of the essential tips for women.


Keeps your temperature regulated regardless of the temperature outside.


Even if somebody is very excited about going out. At the same time, he or she is worried that it brings serious cold or wet weather. So what clothes should be worn under running tights? Thick running pants can usually cope with any temperature and weather, but thin compression pants, just can’t. So the first thing for you to consider is the weather.

If you’re going to run in a very cold weather, you’d better wear thermal underwear under your running tights.

Otherwise, you should wear shorts or a short pants with cotton pants, or even just shorts on top of your running tights.

Because compression tights really can’t defend you completely from the cool air in autumn or winter. Have the thermal underwear always available. Instead of putting it on, many choose to carry it in their pocket.

If you prefer shorts or your tights do not have a pocket, you can buy an additional waist pack to carry it next to the skin.

This way, you will feel much warmer when you need.

Most thermal underwear have a thermal layer, and some have an additional bottom layer that is moisture-resistant.