Plantar Fasciitis Exercises for Runners

Top recommendations for plantar fasciitis exercises in the 5 most popular sports. Including strength and mobility exercises options, as well as my favorite stretches.

Nike Vs adidas – Which Brand Is Right For You?

If you’ve ever wondered which running shoe brand is best for you then wonder no more. Click here to read our comprehensive review on these two popular brands and decide which one is right for you.

Training Without a GPS Watch

Does your training suffer because of not having a GPS watch? Here are some alternative ways to track your runs and rides without a GPS watch.

Garmin chirp

Vs. click vs. quad: Wireless Sensors – Which is Best?

How To Run A 5K Without Training

The best trick in running a 5K race without training? Starting with a solid running base. Find out how to prep your body by running a few times a week.

Arch Support – How Much Do Runners Need?

If you’re in search of something that will provide arch support, consider the design of the orthotic. You may think you need high arches but you may really require extra support to hold up your arch.

The Benefits Of Pre-Workout Caffeine

While many people get their caffeine buzz from coffee, studies show that caffeine consumed before a workout can result in greater strength, endurance and fat loss. Here’s exactly how it works.

Half Marathon Recovery: How To Come Back Faster and Stronger

It’s one thing to run a half marathon; it’s another to do it well. Do it right and come back stronger after this demanding race. We’ll teach you how to overcome post-race soreness and tiredness. Here are some key strategies to running the race with a positive attitude and to recover and realize your potential training after a half marathon.