What’s a Good Return to Running Program After Injury?

Natalie Cecconi
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The Steps to Recovery

There is always a risk of re-injury, which is one of the big reasons why runners are encouraged to take things slowly.

Once your physician has given you the go ahead, consider the following tips for a safe return to running. As you feel stronger, you can increase the intensity and distance if you follow the recommendation below:


The soreness that you feel in the early stages is the reminiscence of the injury. Focusing on rest is the best thing that you can do.

Stay off your feet as much as possible on the first day.

It is important to also follow the resting routine as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Light Running

Gradually build up this level of exercise. Have the first running session in a swimming pool.

Although running is standard, it is advisable to use other exercise options for the first few days.

If the aching and rustiness away, the running program can continue in the next few days.

Run on a Soft Ground

As your body has healed and gotten stronger, it is the time to increase the distance of your running sessions.

For the first few days, running on a soft ground is recommended.

The soft terrain reduces